Hello everyone. I’ve read some of your asks about wishing we would come back. But I don’t think it will be possible for we don’t have working computers atbthevmoment, and haven’t since our last edit to BMIP. We are sorry, but until we can get on any sort of computer again, BMIP will be put on hold… I am sorry. But keep sending requests of Brian in places! We’ve got a lot, and hopefully when both of us get computers again we will work on making them as soon as possible. Love you all!

Anonymous said: Hi I was looking around at some bri blogs and saw a bunch of people saying Nicky as a caption and was wondering what/who is Nicky???? The best answer I could figure out for myself was that it's Brian's guitar??

Heh, I have no clue! Where have you heard that? I’ve never heard of Brians guitar being called Nickey!




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discodeaky said: I just have a question; do you have the original picture of Brian sitting down with a cowboy hat in his hand? Thanks!

Here ya go, darling. :) 

Here’s a quickie for your lovely blog :)

Many thanks!

Another Brian to put in places!

Here we have the legendary album The Brians, by Brian May (as well as Brian Mercury, Brian Taylor and Brian Deacon.)

Featuring the songs:

  1. Radio Bri Bri
  2. Brian It Up
  3. It’s A Hard Bri
  4. Brian On The Prowl
  5. Machines (Or “Back to Brians”)
  6. I Want to Brian May
  7. Keep Passing the Brian Mays
  8. Brian to Fall
  9. Is This The Brian We Created?

(Not a request… just somethiing I couldn’t resist doing.)

"The Brian May Band" has never been so literal.

And so Brian makes his fourth appearance as a Johnny Depp character

Who next?

How dare you intrude on Brian’s private Wakfu time??????